Schema's are used to validate the facts in an Instance document. The data types, name's of elements and order of elements within the document are validated. Below is an online validation tool:

Schema Validation Tool:


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Chapter 5

  • (3M 10Q 2013-10-31 instance document)
  • (10Q 2013-10-31 instance with stylesheet prolog)(instance with 2nd prolog)
  • (this is the instance document with the 2nd prolog)
  • (the stylesheet - note the example for the footnote is using a different footnote than what is required for the assignment, it just here and in the instance example as an example of how to do this, do not include it in your assignment submission.)

The solution for the chapter 5 assignment below is based on the books instructions to include a 3rd file for the labels, which is different from what I asked you to do. I've included these files so you can see how the solution should look. If you want to use the stylesheet solution with your instance document with the label attributes simply remove the document() function where you see it in the MyBikesFinancials.xsl file below.

Chapter 6