Adams, Inc. customers mail in their orders to the Adams customer service center where clerks open the orders and review them for accuracy. The clerks then key orders into the computer at which time the computer performs certain edits of the data such as reasonableness tests. As the clerk is entering data the computer populates the order input screen with data from the applicable customer and inventory master data. The computer displays the completed order and the clerk reviews the order (assume there are no discrepancies) and then accepts the order (selects the “save” icon on the input screen). The computer then creates a sales order master record, updates the inventory master data to allocate inventory to the sales order, prints and sends a picking ticket to the warehouse, and displays the sales order number to the customer service center clerk. The clerk then e-mails this number to the customer.


  1. Prepare a context DFD
  2. Prepare a Level-0 DFD
  3. Prepare a Systems Flowchart (not a Document or Program flowchart).

You may use whichever software you choose to create the diagrams, but you need to save the diagrams as either .jpg or .pdf files and then upload those file(s) via WebCourses2 (Canvas) in the Assignments tab.